A Public Notice to those who comprise the CROWN, CANADA, the various PROVINCES, and all MUNICIPALITIES . . . 

i, steven, the living soul and member of the house of bij de Leij, subject only to the Laws of God;

i, do herewith rescind expressed, implied, and presumed consent to be a member of, an agent for, or perform a function within your companies/organizations and/or "free and democratic society," including but not limited to CANADA, ONTARIO, KITCHENER, REGION OF WATERLOO, ab initio; 

i, do not exist within your jurisdiction;

All statute, code, or by-law enforcements you initiate against i, or the property of i, is a trespass and harm to i, a man;

Any man/woman who initiates or supports said enforcement agrees to be liable to reimburse i, for the trespass and harm, 100 ounces of silver per hour until said enforcement is withdrawn;

i, do not consent to trespass or harm against i.

As Sole Shareholder and Settlor/Beneficiary of the STEVEN BYDELEY, a.k.a. BYDELEY STEVEN et. al., i, steven, reserve the right to appoint a Public Officer Fiduciary/Trustee, to be liable in legal matters as they present.

amended: 2016/04/08

Without Prejudice,

 steven., a man, of the house of Bydeley.

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Your actions remain your responsibility.
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