Vaccine Choice

In my childhood and parenting years we sought out those with measles so as to affect our children and induce natural, life long, immunity to this disease. Measles were, then, considered a short term inconvenience and a necessary stage in raising healthy children. 

Today the media, the medical business, and other corporations, have so hyped measles and brought fear into the equation, that new parents are blindly exposing their babies to all manor of toxic injections that only do serious harm to their physical and mental health and capacity for relationships. 

Vaccine damaged children are now the norm because we act like stupid sheep following wolves in white lab coats programmed to parrot the dictates of ungodly corporations.

But what about the adults? It is much more severe for an adult who gets the measles.

The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases states that: "FACT: The risk of death from measles is higher for adults and infants than for children."

The WebMD states, "Many children in the U.S. are immunized as infants and toddlers, but that doesn't guarantee lifetime protection."

Vaccination gives a short term quazi immunity. So, what happens to adults, who, to avoid the measles, were vaccinated as infants, and do not receive a booster? 

We have a the potential of millions of adults who will succumb to a much more serious measles outbreak because they or their parents blindly followed stupid political/medical dogma. Corporations disguised as governments are not your friend.

"My people died prematurely because they choose to be stupid." Hosea 4:6 paraphrase...

"Why You Should Say NO to Vaccines"

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