Health Insurance

Governments seem to be pressing to initiate and run health insurance programs "for" the people. Why the push? Are they really that interested in your health?

Looking more closely however you'll realize that as the underwriter of the insurance they have a right to dictate terms and standards. In many countries it's known as "Standard of Care."

Standard of care dictate the treatments allowed for allopathic (illness, disease) conditions using drugs, toxins, pharmaceuticals. Nothing aside from these is permitted, even at the directive of a doctor who would risk loosing his license to practice in doing so (a licence is more a means to control than an assurance of quality).

Unbiased research repeatedly shows that all drugs are toxic and their "side" effects do not benefit the "health" of the user.

Standard of care does success in two things—corporate profits and depopulation.

I am coming to believe that nothing good—for the people—comes to us from self-seeking corporations, especially those who masquerade as elected governments. 

All western governments are mere corporations.

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