Get Real

Follow the money!

All our pension savings are in the hands of government. Even the so called Canada Pension Plan (CPP) represents money that only you and your employer, not the government, contributed toward your pension.

Whether it's the CPP or Old Age Security what happens to any money left over when you and your spouse go for the big holiday? The government gets all that's left. That can't be right or lawful!

The fact is that the government is a for-profit corporation. It's a corporation traded on the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

In the interest of profits then, is it to their advantage that you "live long and prosper"? No it's not.

Who dictates the health care you receive through provincial health insurance plans (PHIP)? The government.

Do you really think they have your best interest in mind? Or their profits?

Mandating vaccinations, is that to help you live longer?

Everybody is sent for blood test as mandated by PHIP even though every Doctor knows that 90% of blood tests come back normal. In fact the blood is one of the last places that a problem shows up. In fact, by the time a problem shows up in the blood test its already well advanced in our organs.

For example, one early detection test is a saliva test but try to get that covered by PHIP. They won't. Why is that? They don't want you to catch the problem early, you might be cured, and live longer...


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