Look at the following statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society:

I don’t mean to be rude but I will be blunt (and try to control my anger). If every effort of our medical system over the years and all the money donated has only resulted in increasing Cancer rates, why are we, as clients to this “service" so shallow as to continue to follow their directives. Their methods do not work—at least not in a way that benefits us—obviously! Look at their chart.

Chemo and radiation do not work, but they do get to sell more and more of it to people who don’t stop to think or to read. 

The researchers and the doctors are either mental morons or they are criminally achieving exactly what they want—more of your insurance money and/or a population reduction. They shouldn't be represented by the symbol of snakes up a pole, but rather as a snake-in-the-grass.

Stop donating to their search for a new "treatment” which is a bottomless money grab. They don’t want a “cure” they want sustained profit. What they are after is a “treatment" which keeps you coming backuntil you die.

Cancer is not a disease, it’s a decision. We decide eat/drink processed, low nutrition, toxin laced, “food” and thereby abuse our bodies to get cancer.

Tell your doctor/oncologist they’re fired! and then go and investigate alternative approaches to a “cure" for cancer coupled with a decision to change our eating lifestyle. 

More and more people are walking up to the medical BS and taking responsibility for their own health.

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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