Parrots and Parakeets

Parrots and Parakeets have the ability to learn phrases and repeat them. They can't think. That don't know what they are saying, but they can repeat these words and phrases and leave some to believe that they know what they are talking about.

Surely you have experienced, as I have, those who have been able to pass exams and get diplomas simply by memorizing the answers necessary to get passing grades. All this without understanding the material. 

Our various education systems has rewarded us with a plethora of parrots and parakeets. 

Medical Doctors, many but not all, love to parrot phrases like: 

"Vitamins just make for expensive pee!

"You get all the vitamins you need from food!"

  • Your body regulates nutrients by eliminating what it doesn't use even if it comes from food. Eating nutritious food makes for expensive pee. Still, every day, we need to give our bodies the nutrition it needs for that day.

"Naturopaths are just quacks!

  • Before the corporate take over health industry by the Rockefellers, a very respectable quality of care came to us via naturopaths, homeopaths, and the like, and we were better off. Today 684 Americans are killed by modern doctors' mistakes and prescribed drugs every day. Who are the real quacks?

"There is no cure!

  • This line is for the benefit of big pharma, the medical industry and their minions the FDA and Health Canada. The benefit by making us life long subscribers to their drugs (poisons). Death is incurable, most everything else can and is being cured.

"Your condition is genetic or hereditary."

  • This particular piece of parrot talk removes responsibility from us for preventing the disease and gives responsibility to their treatments (with no intention to cure). Real research (Epigenetics) knows that our DNA/genes are affected by environment and lifestyle—both of which we can control.

These doctors, it seems, are simple minded parrots repeating the words taught them by pharmaceutical sales people—they can't think for themselves anymore, can't read the latest research, and they can't obey their oath to, "Do no harm." They are taught to prescribe various designer poisons (drugs) to mask symptoms, make you "feel" better, to milk you of your health insurance dollars, and to make the big pharma corporations rich in the process. 

Those doctors, who can no longer think, are pawns for big Pharma and, as third leading cause of death, a determent to human-kind. Their tools are drugs and statistics.

For example the ASCOT-LLA study.

This study was terminated early because they determined it was indicating outstanding resultsheart attacks and deaths in a "whopping" 3% of the placebo (no treatment) group as compared to 1.9% in the Lipitor group. They reported a 36% reduction in death just by using their drug.

But do the numbers really tell us?

First, of 100 people who did nothing (took a placebo) 3 people died from heart attack. Then they took another 100 people and gave them Lipitor. Just 2 (1.9) people died of heart attack. 

Using absolute statistics this is a 1% improvement. 

You could get that difference between two different placebo groups.

A 1% improvement is not impressive and ceratinly not worthy of the side effects that the manufactureer acknowledges from taking this drug. By taking the drug you are presummed to accept the risks.

So what did they report? They used Relative statistics—the difference between 3% relative to 1.9% is 1.1%. Taking the ratio of 1.1 to 3 gives us a 36.6% relative difference. That sounds much more impressive than a 1% absolute improvement—except that 36% is a lie. They "doctored" the results to make it look better than it really is so it would sell. The numbers are correct but the application and actual benefit is fraud.

The problems is that a parrot can't think this through it just repeats the numbers it has been fed. 

Are you trusting your health to a parrot?

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