September 1, 2017 - Protecting the public

The "government" has taken resposibility to protect "the PUBLIC." 

So, what is "the PUBLIC"?

Interestingly I have not yet found a definition for this legal term.

"The duty of loyalty...derives from the essential mission of the public service to help the duly elected government, under law, to serve the public interest." Link (emphasis mine)

"Duly" elected or properly electedPlease understand I am not anti-government, but I am against corporations that act or pretend to be government.

Does the legal term "the public" represent the people of Canada or the citizens or persons resident in Canada? Is it all those "legal persons" they created, or the people, the men/women that God created.

There is a big difference between these terms and a costly mistake if we assume the wrong one.

One judge defined "the public" as, “That vast multitude, which includes the ignorant, the unthinking, and the credulous” in J. W. Collins Co. v. F. M. Paist Co. (DC Pa) 14 F2d 614.

The following definitions include the word "public" and give a slant or inference to its meaning. (Emphasis in bold are mine)

PUBLIC DOMAIN 1. Lands owned by the government, e.g., Indian reserves and national parks. Canadian Law Dictionary, 5th Edition

PUBLIC PROPERTY Property dedicated to the use of the public, and over which the government (municipal, provincial or federal) has dominion and controlCanadian Law Dictionary, 5th Edition

Public LawThose laws which regulate the structure and administration of the government, the conduct of the government in its relations with its citizens, the responsibilities of government employees and the relationships with foreign governments.

Public Duty Doctrine. A principle of personal injury law; that government owes duties to the public at large rather than to individuals.

As with the others, this last definition is very tellinga duty to the public not to individuals. Is "the Public" then an entity that is own by the government?

The Prime Minister of Canada stated recently, "Our number one job is to protect the citizens." Trudeau, August 23, 2017.

CANADIAN CITIZEN. a person is a citizen if... Canadian Law Dictionary, 5th Edition

"person, or any word or expression descriptive of a person, includes [is limited to] a corporation;" Link & Link

Well, if the first priority of this government is to protect the citizens and a citizen is defined as a "person" and person is defined as a corporation, a legal person then we have the answer.

Is the number two job of government to use the people, men/women, a resources from which to harvest the funds required to protect their legal persons/corporations/citizens?

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