May 14, 2018 - The Person Called Canada

Per the ruling: Re: Authority of Parliament in relation to the Upper House, [1980] 1 SCR 54

"The word “Canada” in s. 91(1) does not refer to Canada as a geographical unit but refers to the juristic federal unit." (emphasis mine)

This ruling, refering to Canada as a "juristic federal unit" clarifies that the term "Canada" does not refer to the land/country but to a juristic entity or juristic person. This describes an entity better known as a corporate body or merely a corporation, having limited sovereignty (per Supreme Court of Canada) as compart to mankind.

juristic person  "An entity such as a corporation created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being, a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being." Black's Law Dictionary 7th ed.

"A juridical person is a non-human legal entity, in other words any organization that is not a single natural person but is authorized by law with duties and rights and is recognized as a legal person and as having a distinct identity. This includes any incorporated organizations including corporations, government agencies, and NGOs. Also known as artificial person, juridical entity, juristic person, or legal person.

"The rights and responsibilities of a juridical person are distinct from those of the natural persons constituting it."

Canada is a subsiduary corporation to the Crown, it's parent corporation and sister corporations to other Crown corporations such as CRA, CRTC, etc.

Do you "reside in Canada"? Are you a "resident in Canada"?

Since a man/woman cannot reside in a corporation—only another corporation can—consenting, explicitly or by silence, to residing in Canada permits the the courts to presume that you are a subsiduary corporation to Canada and obligated to its statutes, i.e. no human rights, just the crap that the parent corporation's, the Canadian "régime" grants you.

"If you refer to a government or system of running a country as a regime, you are critical of it because you think it is not democratic and uses unacceptable methods.COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

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