March 26, 2017 - Defrauded

Per the Government of Canada website:

List of other Crown corporations

  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (E)1

1 Since the corporation manages funds not belonging to the Government on behalf of the Canada Pension Plan, it is considered external to the Government reporting entity.

(E) Enterprise Crown corporations are a type of government business enterprise and are defined as those Crown corporations which are not dependent on parliamentary appropriations and whose principal activity and source of revenue is the sale of goods and services to outside parties. These include selected Crown corporations listed in Part I, all the Crown corporations listed in Part II of Schedule III of the Financial Administration Act and the Bank of Canada. Although a Crown corporation, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is not part of the Government reporting entity since its mandate is to manage an investment portfolio on behalf of the Canada Pension Plan which is itself excluded from the reporting entity. Link

Since a "Crown Corporation" is such that it is not compeled by parliament we can expect no protection from them via the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms." cannot be said that ...the bouncer was acting as a delegate of the government, carrying out its policies and programs. Accordingly, the Charter does not apply to the actions of the bouncer in detaining Dell, or the search and seizure flowing from the detention. R. v. Dell, 2005 ABCA 246

We are basically being defrauded of our property!

Are you okay with that?

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