January 21, 2018 - Income Tax

It's simple really.

Government can only collect income tax from corporations, a.k.a. artificial persons, legal persons, "persons" as a legal term. Period.

Their solution? Make everyone into corporations.

To do this they create a corporation to correspond with the birth registration of every living soul, a.k.a. mankind. Then, without full disclosure, grant this newly created corporation to the living soul expecting that living soul will use the corporation for all commercial transactions. This may involve some pressure (threat, duress, intimidation) such as alledging it is a requirement for employment, banking, traveling, or some other "benefit."

John David Jones and JOHN DAVID JONES.

When we, the living soul, use their corporation willingly, albeit without full disclosure, we obligate ourselves to their income tax grab.

Our solution? Assert our right to act in our private capacity and stipulating that some of our actings that appear to be in the capacity of the corporation were done out of private necessity—a requirement to living.

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