February 4, 2017 - No Licence Required to Drive in Canada

Bold statement?

Consider this. If you required a licence to drive in Canada shouldn't that licence be issued in your name?

What is your name? Is it styled like John David Jones or JOHN DAVID JONES?

According to the the Canadian government a proper name is styled as John David Jones.

This same style guide, under the heading of Copyrighted names, in section 4.27, states:

Some industries, especially in the high-technology field, use capital letters within the name of a product. The names of all such terms and products, including those of computer languages, should be capitalized according to the manufacturer’s preference:

  • WordPerfect
  • VisiCalc
  • Pascal

A proper epithet (so written to confuse) which means "name" should always be written as John David Jones. JOHN DAVID JONES is improper and does not represent your name, i.e. you. It represents a "manufacturer's preference" for a trade name?

God manufactured John David Jones. The Crown/government manufactured JOHN DAVID JONES. Which are you? Do you have a choice when one is an advantage or a disadvantage.

The driver's licence you carry reads like JONES, JOHN DAVID — your name styled in all CAPITAL letters. Check it out!

It would seem that JOHN DAVID JONES needs a licence, but who or what is it and why is it attributed to you?

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