October 07, 2018 - Creating Corporations

The "Charter" of the Hudson's Bay Company:

"WE DO make ordain, constitute, establish, confirm, and declare, by these Presents, and that by the same Name of Governor and Company of Adventurers of England, trading into Hudson's Bay, they shall have perpetual Succession, and that they and their Successors, by the name of the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England, trading into Hudson's Bay, be, and at all Times hereafter shall be, personable and capable in Law to have, purchase, receive, possess, enjoy and retain, Lands, Rents, Privileges, Liberties, Jurisdictions, Franchises, and Hereditaments, of what Kind, Nature or Quality soever they be..."

British Parliament constituted the Company that was known as the Hudson's Bay Company.

The Constitution Act which contains Canada's "Charter" of Rights and Freedoms reads:

4. Unless it is otherwise expressed or implied, the Name Canada shall be taken to mean Canada as constituted under this Act.

"Canada" is simply a corporation created to profit others.

A "Charter" is defined by "BusinessDictionary" as:

1. General: Formal document (instrument) that creates a legal entity, exemption, immunity, privilege, or right. In case of an organization, a charter defines or mandates its function(s) and lays down rules for its conduct or governance.
2. Incorporation: Alternative term for articles of incorporation, the US equivalent of the UK's memorandum of association. 

So, what then is Canada if not a mere corporation—in which only corporations (legal persons) can reside? 

Do you reside "in Canada?"

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