September 3, 2016 - Principles

The are certain principles, the clear knowledge of which are of supreme import, in order to be free.

These include the definition of legal terms and procedures which, if ignored or disregarded, will give cause to assume that you are not eligible to enjoy freedom or ownership of property.

Person: In all legal/governement documents a "person" is a fictional entity created by the legal system and is subject to the "law" i.e. statutes, of those who created this fictional character. An incorporated corporation is a "person."

Statutes: These are private "laws" created by corporations which affect only to those who were created by those corporation and those who consent to be under the jurisdiction of those private "laws" through their ignorance, through fraud, or by agreement. Where nations, such as CANADA, were establised as mere corporation, all legislative Acts, Bills, regulations, by-laws, etc. touted as "law" are in fact statutes that pertain only to those who are unknowingly ignorant of the differences or knowingly consent.

Names: When we (a man or woman) were or are born, our parents give us names—John David, Harry, Peter, Mary Elizabeth, Susan, Nancy, etc. We know those as our first name(s) or Christian name(s). The Last or Surname is not given to us, it is simply ours by way of our parents.

Name Style: Acording to every Manual of Writing Style a proper name is written with only the First Letter Capitalized. There are no exceptions to this proper style. Any name, even your name, styled differently from this is not your name. As well the proper style is always First and then Last names, i.e. John David Smith. Styles such as "JOHN DAVID SMITH," or "SMITH JOHN DAVID," or "SMITH, John D" always represent a fictional entity, NOT a man. If you are not willing to surrender your God-given freedoms distance yourself from this legal entity-do not consent to being the "person" on the various licences, accounts, ownerships, etc.

Corporation: This a fictional entity created for commerce as an incorporated (incorporeal) entity and made a Corporation (corporeal) by assigning it to a man/woman or men/women. incorporeal means without a body and corporeal means with a body.

Legal: All things pertaining to legal are matters of private "law" i.e. statutes. obligatory only on corporations—the dead, fictional entities.

Lawful: Pertianing to a the living, to a man/woman.

De jure Government: In the real sense this is a servant to the people.

De facto government: A corporation masquerading as a real government except that it is dictatorial to the people and a for profit service to its owners/shareholders.

Registration: The act granting title or ownership to to the registrar. This is true of new borns, cars, tools for hunting, boats, etc... Don't register your new borns! By doing so you are selling them into slavery all for the damnable money bonus.

Licence: Permission to do a thing which would otherwise be illegal. Marriage? Fishing? Hunting? These and other activities are God-given rights which was not given to corporation or any other form of government to control. You only ask permission of those with higher authority than yourself. In the case of every man/woman that would be God—unless you yield to the programming received in government controlled schools.

This list will be added to over time...

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