October 18, 2016 - Two Basic Types of Law

Law Common to Man and Law Common to Corporations.

There are other names for these various systems of law such as Law Merchant Law, Admiralty Law, Equity Law, Commerical Law, even Common Law (but common to who?).

Who's law is this or that one or which law does it come under? Never heard of some or any of these? Our educational system intentional excludes teaching about law, since knowledge is power and others want it all to themselves.

For example. you've read the street signs: Buckle up! It's the Law!

To a man that's merely a statute that applies only to a person, a corporation, i.e. a paper legal entity joined to a willing man/woman. In statute law it is simply referred to as a "person."

(2) Every person who drives on a highway a motor vehicle in which a seat belt assembly is provided for the driver shall wear the complete seat belt assembly as required by subsection (5).  2006, c. 25, s. 1.

A person here is not a man. You say that a legal person cannot drive a car? You're right! It requires a willing man/woman, a volunteer, to act as the agent for the legal person or to perform a function for that legal person, i.e. it's voice and/or mobility. A legal person is a piece of paper. When the legal person is given to a man/woman and he/she volunteers to be the voice/feet for that legal person (willingly or out of ignorance) they become a corporation. That "volunteer" is now a slave to the statute.

The solution? Don't volunteer! Or know when to volunteer and when not to, when to act as IT and when to act on your own.

Health insurance, Pension benefits, your bank accounts? Yes, I'm that person. Not coming to a complete stop at a sign, failing to signal a turn, or some other victimless crime? No, I was not acting as an agent or performing a function for that person.

What is Law Common to Man?

It's simple. Do no harm to another human, and, fulfil your promises.

Said in another way it is, "Love your neighbour as yourself, since love does not harm." or "Treat others the way you want them to treat you."

"These are the precepts of law: To live honourably; to hurt nobody; to render to everyone his due." Inst. 1, 1, 3; B1, Comm. 40. - a maxim of law.

We are all born free and equal. No one has authority over us except by our consent. Treat others as your equal and their rights as equally important to you as your own. Do no harm.

Law Common to Man requires there to be a victim, an injured party. No victim—no crime.

As pertains to Law Common to Man your name will always be write in the proper noun form—John David Jones.

What is Law Common to Legal Entities?

This is simple too. It's all statutes—acts of legislature/parliment, by-laws, codes, regulations, etc.

What's not simple is that there are millions of them. But who cares? Only legal entities, those legal persons created under those same statutes. Corporations and those men/women who have agreed to be agents for these corporations and those who perform a function within these corporations. And YES, government is a corporation, CANADA is a corporation, ONTARIO, ALBERTA, the city you live on, etc. are corporations.

Here, you just have to break a rule, one of their rules, rules they made up for their advantage. You don't even have to break the rules in some cases. You may get into trouble if they think you might break one.

As pertains to Law Common to Legal Entities the name will always be written in one of the improper noun form—JOHN DAVID JONES, JONES JOHN DAVID, JONES John David, etc.

Give attention to the "style" in which the name is written. This is paramount!

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