November 3, 2016 - Service Corporations

Service Ontario and Service Canada are corporations incorporated to offer a service. That seems like a no brainer.

What is interesting is that they offer a front line defence with the ability to refuse or control issues which the government and their direct employees cannot.

"Service Canada is a federal institution that is part of Employment and Social Development Canada"

Where the "government" is obligated to perform a predescribed manner a service, subordinate, associated corporation such as Service Canada, Service Ontario, Hydro One, etc. may and can develop policy or implement guidelines which do not obligate them.

For example, when you sign the (not your) driver licence renewal, if you go to a Ministry of Transportation Office (MTO) they must accept your signature any way you choose. I like to write "Without Prejudice" before my autograph on every government document. When you go to a Service Ontario or Service Canada corporate franchise they can show you their policy whereby they don't permit that type of autograph and are apparently allow to use all kinds of baseless threats to get you to comply (read obey).

These service corporations are being used to further strip us of our rightswith impunity.

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