May 23, 2016 - Full Liability

Imagine someone parked an exotic Italian sports car in your driveway. They didn't tell you this, but it's not yours. It remains their property. However, you are responsible for it. Weather damage, wear and tear, regular maintiance, etc. are your responsibility whether you use it or not!

That's essentially what happens with the Birth Certificate (BC) or Citizenship Certificate (CC) and the Social Insurance Number(ed) company (SIN).

Acceptance of the document is presummed to be acceptance of liability—dispite a complete lack of disclosure of the terms or conditions.

Does that work for you? 

The BC/CC and SIN represent legal entities, like corporations, created into and owned by the government, itself a Crown corporation, The incorporated entity (i.e. incorporeal - without a body) becomes a corporation (i.e. coporeal - having a body) by joining it to a man/woman—you.

These corporations remain the property of their creator, we just get to carry them around and pay for every liabilities that they incur.

Good deal ? I think not. 

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