March 17, 2016 - Democracy?

It's interesting to watch the escapades of the American political system.

Their rhetoric is that they are a nation sold on the democratic apporach to government. That is obviously a crock of BS.

We see a flood of people supporting Trump for president. Dare I say a possible majority of Americans? The people seem to fed up with the criminals who have been in power these many years. 

While there is a rising tide of support for Trump we also see a very few, the criminals mentioned above, who are opposed to him.

These few, the criminals, are doing doing everything they can to defeat the democratic process by trying to undermine/influence/control the will of the people to conform with their interests.

Don't let the voting machines elect their choice of criminal. Don't let "the delegates" over rule the will of the people.

If the people want Trump then the people should get Trump to represent them.

As it is being played out it's not abour democracy its about a bunch of criminals pushing to get their man or woman into leadership to represent their interests.

Don't let it happen! 

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