March 15, 2016 - Adulthood

But He said to him, “Man, who appointed Me a judge or arbitrator over you?” Luke 12:14

Jesus asked this question of a man who wanted Him to rule in his favour in an inheritance issue.

The question is interesting in that it recognizes equality among mankind unless there is an appointment of authority. 

If there is inherent equality in life and liberty among mankind who but God, or you yourself, is in a position authority so as to appoint another man/woman over you?

When you register or enlist in the armed forces you give others that authority over you. 

When you give yourself into the employ of another you give them authority over you in that matter and for the hours agreed to.

Marriage is an agreement to give yourself to the one you marry.

Where in society, in general, have we given anyone there authority over us or our property?

At birth our parents registered or enlisted us into the care of the government. When we reach adulthood (18+) we can and should rescind that conveyance of authority and take responsibility or liability for our actions.

I asked one appeal judge for proof of her jurisdiction in a matter. Her answer was, "You are here aren't you?" The fact that I had requested her involvement was my consent to give her authority in the matter. I should have responded by saying that I was here in recognition of her authority over the plaintiff not over   me, a man.

It would be appropriate to ask a judge, police officer, etc. the question,“John, Mary, or if you don't know their name, Man, who gave you authority over me? I don't recall having given that to you, but if I have a rescind it now.

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