July 11, 2016 - Banking Fraud

When you go to a bank to open a personal banking account, without informing you, bank personnel open an account in the name of a legal person—not your name.

If you were John David Smith they would open an account in the name of JOHN DAVID SMITH, a legal person created by government/banker corporate interests—The Crown, City of London. 

They allow you to use that account while they are now allowed to charge it for various fees and services, and even, if need be, empty that account (see Cyprus.

Remember, a proper name, your name, must be styled as John David Smith, per every government manual of style. Because they have made it clear, you are presumed to accept the improper name when you do not object to it or declare it is not your name and you accept no liability for it.

Time to get mad as hell! Hold them accountable!!!

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