December 16, 2016 - Pay Attention to the Style of the Name!

The "Style" in which the name appears is very important and as every authoritative text grammar will affirm, a personal name/proper noun is styled with only the first letter capitalized according Public Works and Government Services Canada, section 4.03 and the US government Style Manual section 3.2, and every other manual of style:

John Macadam is not JOHN MACADAM, Jane Doe is not JANE DOE. They are two different "persons." The first is a natural person and the second is a artificial person. The first is you, the man/woman that God created, the second is a corporation that the government created to control your activities and assets if you are fooled to believe it is you.

If you are presented with a legal document on which a name similar to yours, except that it appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it is an improper name, not your name (unless you consent), and this document does not pertain to you.

If you are required to have a licence to drive why is that licence not in your name and why does that licence remain the property of the province or the state that issued it?

If you were required to have a licence to fish, hunt, operate a boat, buy a "firearm" (whatever that is), get married, etc., why are those legal documents not in your name? They are in a NAME that is not yours.

Who owns the car/truck that you drive? Look at the documents! It's in their NAME too. You just get to use it until they decide to take it from you.

Are the bank accounts that you use in your name or in the NAME they created, which they own, but let you use—until they decide otherwise...

CRA or IRS? Check the NAME and the number of the NAME. Again, not your name—unless you consent by silence, ignorance or by choice.

Fraud? You bet it is. Insist that things be in your name, not theirs.

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
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