August 24, 2016 - Not Without My Consent

When did a fictional entity come to have more rights that a living breathing man or woman?

What fictional entity? The corporation!

A corporation is simply a piece of paper, a ghost, a veil or curtain behind which people hide/act. You can't talk to a corporation or have lunch with it. A corporation is a man-made, fictitious, entity created by man-made statutes.

Thank about it. Every human being is born equal in rights and dignity. That means that no human being has inherent authority over any other human being unless that other human being grants it—i.e. to be it's slave. We can only enslave ourselves. We have to knowingly consent. Knowingly means having full knowledge, or full disclosure of the terms of the contractual enslavement.

“If you buy a Hebrew slave, he shall serve for six years; but on the seventh he shall go out as a free man without payment. ... But if the slave plainly says, ‘I love my master...I will not go out as a free man,’ then ...he shall serve him permanently.

Man created corporations. That means that every corporation can only have less rights that any human being since no one can get away more rights than they have. For example, if I have five apples there is no way I can give you six apples. I can only give you five or less apples, and I can only give away my apples, not yours.

Therefore, a corporation can never have more rights than you or I have.

Corporations were created to serve human-beings—and to serve other corporations. Human-beings are never to be serve corporations. This later senerio is idolatry.

Take note of all the corporations that you have knowingly and plainly consented serve—there are many. 

Banks Inc? You consented to let them take a portion of your property (money) where in the past they paid you for the use of your property (interest). 

CRA/IRS Inc? Why do you consent to give them a portion of your property? What do those British "Crown" corporations do for you? Not what you think.

Municipalities Inc? Why do you pay them a tax for the privilege of owning property? Only corporations can be taxed. Is that why they have made us all into corporations?

Government Inc? Yes government is a mere corporation which sells you (actually they sell to the legal person with a name similar to yours) a permit to do what you (the man/woman) already have a natural, God-given, right to do.

Did you get full disclosure on any of these? 

Did you ask for it? 

Did you consent?

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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