October 6, 2015 - Bottom Lines

Theft is Wrong—Always

"THEFT. A popular name for larceny. The fraudulent taking of corporeal personal property belonging to another, from his possession, or from the possession of some person holding the same for him, without his consent, with intent to deprive the owner of the value of the same, and to appropriate it to the use or benefit of the person taking." Black’s Law 4th.

Very simply, theft is taking, without consent, what is not yours. This theft includes not just money, but also your inalienable rights to things like life, liberty, property, and the enjoyment of these as long as you do not do harm to another man/woman. 

Consent Is Necessary—Always

Consent must be expressed, not implied, and with full disclosure. Expressed as in, “Yes, you may have or borrow this.” Implied could be such as, “Well you didn’t say No.” 

"Consent is an act of reason, accompanied with deliberation, the mind weighing as in a balance the good or evil on each side.

"There is a difference between consenting and submitting. Every consent involves a submission; but a mere submission does not necessarily involve consent." Black’s Law 4th.

Deliberation and weighing in the mind requires FULL disclosure. It is fraud when a contract, that you are compelled to sign, reads that we can make changes to this agreement when we want. That is not a contract, it’s extortion.

"DISCLOSE. To bring into view by uncovering, to lay bare, to reveal to knowledge, to free from secrecy or ignorance, or make known." Black’s Law 4th.

Anything later found hidden in a contract makes the contract voidable. So Void it!

Slavery in All It’s Forms is WrongAlways

"One who is under the power of a master, and who belongs to him; so that the master may sell and dispose of his person, of his industry, and of his labor, without his being able to do anything, have anything, or acquire anything, but what must belong to his master." Black’s Law 4th.

A slave is one who is forced to obey another.

I don’t want to pay Income Tax! "But you have to” they say… That means I am a slave. For years I was allowed to fish without a licence or ride a motorcycle without a helmet (showing my age). Then one day some “unlawful" people made a new “legal” rule, that really only applies within their society, and forced it on me—through deception, without my expressed consent and without full disclosure. I am considered by them to their slave.

I don’t want to be a slave… Do you?

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