November 25, 2015 - Canada’s Justice System

After some 5 years of involvement in our court systems I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no justice to be found there.

The goal of those judges and justices is to maintain the status quo of the system by any means including entrapment.

The system created a legal person, a corporation (hereafter the “PERSON”), and then incorporated it, i.e. gave it a body, when they placed it in your care. They have authority over the PERSON, but not over your the man/woman.

That PERSON is represented by your name in all CAPITAL letters.

So we have you the man: John David Jones
the legal person: JOHN DAVID JONES (and variations of same) so that
the two of you become: JONES, John David (when you represent the PERSON).

Their goal then is to, by any means, find a way to get you to indicate or imply joinder to the PERSON.  Rather than acknowledge that you are the holder and beneficiary of the PERSON they want you to give some indicate that you are the PERSON. Bingo! They’ve got authority over you. You lose.

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