May 5, 2015 - Types of Law

Natural, common, and statute are what I see as the three main types of law. I define them as follows:

Natural Law - similar to the laws of nature, natural law are God initiated law that govern the inter-relationships of His creation. Natural Law is self initiated similar to the law of gravity—it just acts. Principles such as the immutable law of sowing and reaping—You will reap what you sow and Treat others the way you want to be treated—are an examples. This means that you will receive what you give, treating people kindly will ensure you are treated kindly.

Common Law - comes out of natural law and can be summarized in two directives—do no harm to anyone and fulfil your oaths. Common Law is law that is common to mankind. It governs the inter-relationships of men and women. It does not govern the relationships of legal "persons."

Statute Law - are laws developed by man to govern commerce, and the activities of legal "persons" such as corporations. They do not govern the activities of a man/woman, in their private capacity, without consent. There are thousands upon thousands of statutes and more are added and modified when and as someone determines it is necessary. Included in my heading, Statute Law, are Admiralty law, Law Merchant law, Equity law, Administrative law, codes, by-laws, and others.

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