March 3, 2015 - Passport to Fraud

Have you carefully read the Passport Renewal Application?

Notice the first and last lines of the opening paragraph:

"Warning—Any false or misleading statement…may be grounds for criminal prosecution."


"Type or print in CAPITAL LETTERS…"

Farther down we read, "I declare that I have read and understood [read "stand under"] the Warning at the top of this page…"

By obeying the last line of the opening paragraph and signing the Declaration you set yourself up as a criminal. How is that? Your name? How should it be "styled"?

According to The Canadian Style, a book published jointly with a branch of the Canadian government1:

The proper way to write a man/woman's name is with only the first letter capitalized. Your name should always be styled as John or Jane Doe, not as JOHN or JANE DOE. To do otherwise is improper, false and misleading—grounds for criminal prosecution. Why would they want you to falsify this information?

The all CAPITAL style of a name similar to yours was created by government and represents a "legal person", a "corporation sole," over which they, as its creator, have jurisdiction. It's not you, it's what they want you to think you are so that they can legally exercise control over you—with your consent.

Is that what you want? Do you consent? Read and heed!

1 © Public Works and Government Services Canada, 2015, the Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank. A product of the Translation Bureau   

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