June 4, 2015 - Identifying Yourself

If ever you've been to court or had court documents served to you, you'll be aware that those in court always refer to you as Mr. Smith, never as John, and the documents are always ascribed to JOHN DAVID SMITH.

I have had Documents re-written such that they list the name as John David Smith (if that were my name… actually as John Smith since I have no middle name).

All this leads me to believe that whenever the given names are joined to the last name without any punctuation or verbiage between, they have the grounds to assume you are referring to the legal person and not the man. This is especially true when the NAME is spoken since, then, they can assume anything that suits their purpose.

John, John-David, John: Smith, or John-David: Smith, represent a man or natural man capable of acting as a private person.

John Smith, John David Smith, JOHN DAVID SMITH, or SMITH, JOHN DAVID, etc. can represent a legal person or persons—a public corporation.

In court then, if you want to be treated as a man and not a legal person, don't answer to anything but John or John-David and don't give an answer to a request for a DATE OF BIRTH—unless you want or need to be recognized as a legal person before the law. Beside you really don't know when you were born—except by hearsay… Everyone knows that will never stand up in court!

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