July 3, 2015 - Avoiding Issues with Pro-Gay Statutes

Many religious corporations are in a quandary over resent rulings on gay marriage, i.e. same sex marriage. The solution is simple.

Statutes or statute "laws" are private law. What that means for example is this. If the department store down the road made it a rule that all employees were required to wear pink shirts/blouses how would you react to that?

I would not care, nor would I run out to buy a supply of pink shirts. Why not? Because I'm not a member of that corporation.

If I was a member or employee I would be obligated to buy some pink shirts or, if I had issue with that dress code, I could quit.

This same scenario affects religious institutions. If they are incorporated by those that make the statutes they are obligated to obey them.

Governments today have degraded to mere corporations as a result of a "slight of hand" trick played back in the 1930's. Our governments, federal, provincial, municipal, regional, county, all of them are incorporated and managed, for profit, by international bankers.

A corporation created by government is obligated to obey that government. That goes for religious institutions too—churches, missions organizations, etc.

To avoid obligation to the private statutes of corporations don't be part of the corporation.

Dis-incorporate your organization from under the government. This will be costly since all the assets belong to the government via their corporation. 

Give up the tax deduction offered by the corporation creator and be satisfied with the reward you'll receive from God the Creator. If your viability depends on tax deductible donations perhaps your not operating under God's blessing anyway.

God never intended you to surrender His Church to commercial enterprises.

Don't you know that you are slaves to the one you obey? Who will that be?

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