February 20, 2015 - Obligated to Obey?

I once tried to use the Canadian Bill of Rights Act in my defence of an alleged traffic violation.

From the Bill of Rights I presented the statement:

Every law of Canada shall,...be so construed and applied as not to abrogate, abridge or infringe or to authorize the abrogation, abridgment or infringement of any of the rights or freedoms herein recognized and declared

Ontario's Highway Traffic Act did infringe upon my rights, since I did injury to no one in the alleged offence, but the Ontario court stuck that down as a defence stating that "provincial violations of civil liberties are not covered by" the Canadian Bill of Rights Act because it is only a federal act.

Previously I've also written that no Crown Corporation (CRTC, CRA, etc.) are obligated to obey Canadian legislature—according to a letter from a MP.

What do we have here.

Obviously, only corporations created by Canada (vertical relationship) are under it's jurisdiction. Unrelated or sibling corporations (horizontal relationship) are not subject to each other's statutes.

In other words, Canada, Ontario, CRTC, Canada Revenue, and the like are either unrelated or sibling corporations created by "the Crown." They were created as equals and therefore, although they co-operate with each other, they are not obligated to obey another's directives.

Well then no man/woman was ever created by a corporation. Only legal person are created by corporations.

So then, I, acting as a man, in my private capacity, am also not obligated to obey the directives of any corporationunless I've explicitly consented to do so. How about you?

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