February 15, 2015 - Some Noteworthy Principles

All of humankind are born equal in rights.

  • no one is born with more rights or authority over another

No one has the right to harm another or their property.

  • this is the only law that is binding on every man/woman

Only those granted such by us have real authority over us.

  • we lawfully consent or are unlawfully forced into submission to others

Unrebutted assumed authority is a granted authority.

  • when someone implies authority over us and we do not rebut this then we consent and make ourselves subject to them

We are servants of the one we obey.

  • the act of obeying another's orders is an acknowledgement of our submission

When you participate in a process you are a party to it.

  • when we argue their private statutes we obligate ourselves to them

Speak a name that sounds the same allows them to assume it is the same.

  • when we speak our name and it sounds the same as their all capital letter version they may assume we are the legal entity represented by their NAME

Asking permission implies a higher authority

  • when we ask permission to do a thing we imply we are of lesser authority or rights than the one whom we ask

A fiction of law and a living soul can never be opponents in court

  • a fiction of law i.e. a legal person, legal entity, corporation, and the like cannot file a claim against a living soul. the dead and the living cannot share the same space and time.

Government, be it federal, provincial, municipal, etc., is a mere corporation, a fiction of law.

  • the statutes, codes, by-laws, etc. of a corporation are an obligation only to those who are in that corporation.
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