February 24, 2015 - Private Property

For some time now I've been trying to understand how police officers can man check points in court buildings around Canada.

To detain and strip search (removing coats, belts, etc.) a man/woman, without reasonable cause, is a direct violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which they swore to uphold. That Charter is an integral part of the Constitution.

When I wrote to Peter MacKay, who acted as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, about this, his advice was, "If you feel that your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been infringed upon, you may wish to consult with a lawyer in your area to determine if you have a court remedy." Funny, I wrote telling him that was my feeling and thought justice was his responsibility… now he's made it mine.

Lawyers are for persons, i.e. legal entities, corporations, not for a man/woman. 

To file a claim against this atrocity I'd need go into the building and have my rights violated again by these criminals.

The Police are themselves violating their oath:

I solemnly swear (affirm) that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as (insert name of office) faithfully, impartially and according to law.

It would seem that those hired as officers are impaired in their ability to read or to think—or they don't care what they swore to.

A few weeks back I learned that these courts are being set up as privately owned buildings. A private person is not obligated to obey the constitution, only government, if they feel the need to the added security then they can.

It would seem that our recourse then is to either refuse to enter that private property and/or file a claim against the owner of the property for false arrest and detention.

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