December 14, 2015 - Granted the Right to Tax

In the Constitution Act, the supreme law of Canada, the right to use various and specified taxes is granted to the federal and provincial governments in sections 91 and 92 respectively.

Although there it is specified commercial ventures are the object of these taxes, that’s not the issue I want to raise.

I’d like to point out that it’s only federal and provincial governments that may tax. Corporations which are not a part of those governments do not have the right to tax—if the Consttution Act is law. 

If a Crown Corporation, such as CRA, were a component of the Federal or a provincial government it would be compelled by Parliament. The following comes in response from an MPP to a query about the CRTC, another Crown Corporation.

Crown corporations are not federal or provincial, they are a part of the Crown.

It stands to reason then that the all Caps NAME must be the creation of the Crown since it seems to hold sway in legal matters such Income Tax or Provincial offences i.e. R v JOHN DOE.

By using the number that CRA has given you—the social insurance number—they are allowed to take/tax the money you earn while using their number and it’s related benefits, paltry as they are. 

What binds you to their Income Tax or Offences? Your consent.

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