September 21, 2014 - The Holder

I was recently looking at a provincial government agency website form pertaining to the renewal a driver's licence. Therein confirmation was requested, via a check box, that the applicant was the "Holder" of this document.

What an interesting way of asking… What is a "holder"?

HOLDER A person in possession of a document of title or an instrument or an investment security drawn, issued, or devised to him or her or to his or her order or a bearer or in blank. See Bills of Exchange Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. B-4, s. 2. governing the law of negotiable instruments, "Holder" means the payee or endorsee of a Bill or Exchange or promissory note who is in possession of it, or the bearer thereof, (Id. s. 2). See holder in due course. Canadian Law Dictionary, 5th.

It would seem that, as pertains to any government document, it is not my Passport, Driver's Licence, Fishing Licence, or whatever, I am the holder only.

I, a man, am not the driver, a person, I am the holder of a driver's licence.

I, a man, am the holder of a passport, the holder of a birth certificate, the holder of Canadian Citizenship. As the holder only, I do not surrender anything of my status and rights as a man or a woman as the case may be. without my consent.

What a relief!

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