October 21, 2014 - Voting

If you are or have been in the employ of a large corporation, do you recall ever being asked to cast your vote for members of the board of directors, or for the chairman of the board?

I have never done so or ever heard of anyone asked to do so.

Why then are we asked to do so for the Corporation of the City of YOUR CITY, COUNTY, or REGION? What about your PROVINCE Inc. or CANADA Inc.

It is generally the experience of those who have been around awhile that the people we elect do not keep their election promises. Is it because, once in position, the corporation, be it city, province, or country, follows the dictates of the real shareholders/owners, not the wishes of you or me. Is there a "Double  Government" - a facade the we elect and the real decision makes who don't?

If they do what they will then why are they interested in having you vote? 

Does the vote give the illusion of representation?

Your vote proves that you are performing a function in the corporation or that you are acting as an agent for the corporation, i.e. in their employ. As one in their employ you surrender your inherent rights and obligate yourself to obey their private statutes, legislative acts, codes, city by-laws, and rules of that corporation in the same way as those employed by a "person" like Sears™ or Walmart™ are required to obey their rules.

Your silence in the matter, and your government (corporate) ID, confirm your consent to be their employees.

Welcome to life, liberty, and justice limited by and under their rules—or rescind your "right" to vote.

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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