March 30, 2014 - Law is Freedom

Law is Freedom

“The end of the law is, not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.” - John Locke

Although this may be the ideal for law, it is not the case with statutes, codes, or by-laws (hereafter simply "statutes").

Statutes are "law" to those legal entities, a.k.a. legal persons or public servants, who are agents for, or performing a function for corporations such as Canada Inc., Ontario Inc., Toronto Inc., etc. who create statutes—by the thousands.

To a man or woman, statutes are not "law," rather, they are merely the codes or regulations that govern the conduct of a corporation's employees. These statutes do not govern those who are not their employees.

Real "Law" acts to "preserve and enlarge" the freedoms of men and women who act in their private capacity.

Statutes enslave those who do know whether they are private persons or public servants.

When someone says, "It's the Law!" consider the capacity in which they are acting when they make that statement. Whether its a peace officer employed by the municipality of, say Toronto, or the Customs Officer for Canada, or any other agent or employee of a corporation, their "law" is merely a statute which governs their conduct not yours—if you a private man or woman.

"Know Thyself" 

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