January 8, 2014 - Are you an Agent?

Are you an Agent?

Your name in capital letters—JOHN DAVID DOE—represents a legal ENTITY created by some branch of the government, agency, or bank. Since this ENTITY exists without a voice, mobility, etc. have you, unknowingly, been assigned responsibility to act as the agent for this ENTITY? As such you'd be responsible to ensure that this ENTITY obeys every act, statute, and by-law even though you are not obligated to these yourself. Failure to do obey them, on behalf of the ENTITY would make you liable to fines and imprisonment as the case may be.

As well, everything you, the man/woman, have purchased and/or registered in the name of that ENTITY is the property of that ENTITY. Any bank accounts you've opened in the name of that ENTITY is the property of that ENTITY.  As its Agent you have the used of these things, but not the title.

Unless you know of some advantage to being the Agent, Underwriter, Trustee, or the like, you might want to resign these positions for this ENTITY with the attached responsibilities for its debts, obligations, duties, and acceptance of any service of process for it and also then be free of its debts.

Instead, we'd be better, after resigning, claim the role of General Executor of this ENTITYcontrolling it's assets until such time as we can establish our own property, accounts, etc.

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