December 17, 2014 - Ready to Quit?

Most, if not every, western nation is run by corporations under the disguise of legitimate governments.

My suspicion is that the Pope, a corporation sole, has incorporated the three city-states—the Vatican Inc.(Roman Catholic Church), the City of London Inc.(the Crown) and Washington District of Columbia Inc. (United States of America Inc), as corporations through which all other corporations receive incorporation and obligate themselves. All corporations have been granted life as "persons."

Whether it's the Government of Canada (Inc.) or whatever, they are all mere corporations own by and answering to the shareholders above. We the people are not those shareholders. We are assumed to be employees—unless we've expressed otherwise.

These governments, or more accurately "corproments," present themselves and act as through they are a real government, but it's an act a play. So much an act that many of their players wear costumes depicting their part. Some of these include, judges, police, customs, etc.

When we acknowledge them in their costumes we are assumed to be actors on their set, their stage, and we are then required, obligated to be actors with them taking on roles such as citizen, taxpayer, driver, defendant, inmate, etc.

They make "laws" which are also acts or legislative acts. These act like "Law" but they are merely "colour of law" or pretend law, unless you are one of the actors. If you are an actor on their stage then you are obligated to obey those acts as though they were real law.

Are you tired of these games? What do you do?

You do the same as if you were working for any corporation that you felt was abusive. You quit!

Properly done it should be in writing notifying the various levels, departments, and heads to which you have obligated yourself by contract/licensure.

Now stop showing up for work. Those who formerly were your bosses or superiors are now just another man/woman like you, and equal to you.

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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