April 24, 2014 - Artificial or Real

A corporation is an "artificial person" i.e. a person created by a "legal" process called registration  An "artificial person" can only interact with another "artificial person." Consequently, corporations like CRA and IRS can only LAWFULLY tax another "artificial persons." It is for this reason the government created a "legal" or "artificial" person, using the name your parents registered when you were born. That name appears as CAPITAL LETTERS on all documents you receive from government or from any other corporation requiring commercial transaction with you.

A man/woman can only interact with another man/woman. A man/woman cannot talk to a corporation, only to a man/woman who speaks on behalf of that corporation. When we transact with an "artificial person" be it a bank, a utility company, government, a credit card company, or whatever, we always speak and/or act on behalf of an "artificial person" having an all CAPITAL LETTER version of our name. This is the name that government registered in order to create an "artificial person" or more simply and as defined in statute law, a "person." 

Give careful attention to your activities in commerce. Already today, a man/woman cannot buy or sell without using the government created name… Sound Biblical?  Are we being deceived?

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