April 16, 2014 - Change of Approach

Change of Approach

Updates of late have been sparse. This partly because of being away, but the other reason is that I am changing my thinking/approach.

Having been to court and many levels of court several times, arguing and presenting my case from issues within statute law I've come to the conclusion that Canada's court system is governed not by the "Rule of Law" as defined in R. v. Campbell, 1994 CanLII 5258 (AB QB):

Canada's court system is governed by legislators, legislation, i.e. by lawyers, and is subjection to change as they see fit. It applies only to fictions of law, i.e.  persons, corporations, and the like. It is fraud when applied against a man or a woman. 

It is commercial in nature and as with every casino and gambling establishment the house always wins. The one rule is, "we win, you lose."

I am the cause of my problem because I had never taken the time to learn who I am and reject what I've been told that I am. I am not a "person" i.e. a legal entity, I am a man.

My new approach starts between my ears. 

  • I am a man
  • All I am and have laboured for is my property
  • All of mankind is created equal
  • Only two Laws govern my conduct:
    • I am not do injury to no man/woman
    • I am to fulfil what I say I will do


  • Only those to whom I give consent, can have authority over me
  • Everyone wearing a costume, be it a blue uniform, a black robe, etc. are actors hired to be of service me as I need them
  • Slavery is unlawful in all its forms
    • I cannot be compelled to perform or obey anything which I have not previously agreed to perform
    • I do not work for free

It will take time to undo the years of "legalese" programming, but I will. 

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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