October 20, 2013 - Name and Date of Birth Please

Name and Date of Birth Please

This point of view is speculative, but consider it...

Whenever a government official or a legal document requests identification you may have noticed that they ask for your name and your date of birth (DOB)—at least those not permitted to ask for your Social Insurance Number.

Is it possible that giving a name with a DOB establishes not only who you are but that you are: 1) a "person," and therefore, 2) under their jurisdiction?

The reason why this question comes to mind is that you cannot possibly have first hand knowledge of your date of birth since you were too young/immature to remember the event. The only way we could know our DOB is either by hearsay or because we've read it on a document, i.e. birth certificate, driver's licence, or some other government issued document (GID). Any GID is evidence of the creation of a legal entity i.e. a corporation or a "person." 

Giving your DOB allows them to assume that you are acting in the capacity of a "person" for that event.

Solution? Don't give a DOB. Tell them you were took young to remember, or perhaps tell that your family Bible lists it as such and such. The family Bible is not a government document and testifies to the fact that you are human.

As to giving a name, I've already written my thoughts on this in "Given, Family, and Legal Names."

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