November 7, 2013 - Who's Who

Who's Who?

I attended a trial a bit ago where someone identified himself to the court as "Joseph, a man."

The judge asked him, "You are not JOSEPH ROBERT JONES?" He repeated his answer, "I am Joseph, a man."

The Judge immediately responded with, "I am issuing a bench warrant for the arrest of JOSEPH ROBERT JONES for failure to appear."

I later ask the officer who was present, "If Joseph, the man over there is recognized by the judge as not being JOSEPH ROBERT JONES who would you arrest with that warrant?"

Who determines who or what JOSEPH ROBERT JONES really is? 

Did Joseph already do that when he presented himself or a photograph as being representative of the JOSEPH ROBERT JONES?

Should we write to those government employees that we acted in error in presenting ourselves or an image of ourselves as that of JOSEPH ROBERT JONES when in fact we are merely the beneficiary of the JOSEPH ROBERT JONES?

Perhaps we should autograph the document as "Image of Joseph, the man." Not have our image on any document designed to defraud us.

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