May 6, 2013 - An Occupied Territory

An Occupied Territory

Have you considered that life on geographical land mass (GLM) Canada is no different than living in an occupied territory. Think about, the only rights we have are those granted to us by our occupiers.

The promise of a vote every four years is simply a facade to make us think we live in a democracy and have some say in the running of our land. In reality, each political party has eroded our natural rights or replaced them with privileges which we are required to purchase from them.

The occupying force in our case a foreign controlled corporation which grants charters creating other corporations who also control aspects of our lives. That corporation is "Canada" and is not to be confused with the name associated with the geographical land mass also know as Canada.

That "Canada" is a mere corporation constituted by the British North American Act of 1867 (Constitution Act) and controlled by England is obvious from the definition of Governor General as found in the Interpretation Act R.S.C., 1985, c. I-21:

“Governor”“Governor General” or “Governor of Canada” means the Governor General of Canada or other chief executive officer or administrator carrying on the Government of Canada on behalf and in the name of the Sovereign, by whatever title that officer is designated; Interpretation Act R.S.C., 1985, c. I-21

The Governor General is a CEO acting for the benefit of the Sovereign of England, not for you or me...

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