May 19, 2013 - Canada is Lawless

It's time to stand against the fraud.

The Constitution Act—the supreme law in Canada—states that "Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law."

That may be its foundation, but that has grumbled. Canada now is a nation that rejects the God of its foundation and is governed by the rule of statutes. By removing the rule of law from over their heads, those to control Canada's various governments answer to no one.

Read the following taken from the Interpretation Act R.S.C., 1985, c. I-21:

42. (1) Every Act shall be so construed as to reserve to Parliament the power of repealing or amending it, and of revoking, restricting or modifying any power, privilege or advantage thereby vested in or granted to any person.

So, any statute can be changed to suit their needs. Every one in Canada has be degraded to a legal "person," a legal entity, over which parliament has control. All our inalienable rights have been replaced with privileges which can be altered when it suits them.

When asked to be directed to a court of common law the communicator for the Supreme Court of Canada responded, "I regret to inform you that neither a judge nor the Supreme Court of Canada is able to be of assistance to you."

There is no court of law in Canada that can rule on issues of common law. If you try to bring such an issue forward it will be completely ignored.

When they use the phrase, "It's the law" they really mean, "It's a statute." Legislated statutes only affect those in the employ of government. 

Are you okay with that or is time to scream bloody murder!

Without the "Rule of Law" you are simply an ATM machine for them to draw from...

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