March 21, 2013 - Legitimate Government

Legitimate Government

Do we have a legitimate government in Canada?

Let's look at this question very carefully. A legitimate government can be defined as one that is elected by the people and that consists of members of the people who works for the benefit of the people. There are other points that need to be considered in the definition, but let's start with just this.

First, elected by the people. Give careful attention to the voter registration card you need to have in order to cast a vote. What name is on it? Grammar is important here. 

Take the words "brad hammer" for example. Both words are nouns. A "brad" is a small nail and a "hammer" is a tool that drives nails into wood. So a "brad hammer" is a type of hammer that drives brads into wood.

Now look at "Brad Hammer." Now we have a proper noun, a proper name. This would normally be taken to identify a boy/man named "Brad" who's family name was "Hammer."

So now look at "BRAD HAMMER." This is neither a proper noun nor a proper name. What is it? We assume (wrongly) that this is the same as "Brad Hammer" especially since we are so accustomed to seeing it this on most everything that comes to us from government. This is not the grammatically or correctly applied to a boy/man. It actually represents a legal entity, a fictional entity. 

Look through a phone book at all the names listed in CAPITAL LETTERS. They are invariably corporations or business names—legal entities—who have been given legitimacy through some government registration process. 

This is true also of "BRAD HAMMER." It is a legal entity created by a government process at the time of the event of your birth was registered. We assume that this entity is synonymous with us. That assumption is our doing, by our ignorance and/or the lack of disclosure to us by government. 

On the voter registration card it is the "BRAD HAMMER" that has the right to vote, not the man "Brad Hammer." Brad showed up and cast a vote on its behalf. 

If Brad showed up to vote without the voter registration card he could simply show them some government ID—all of which carries the name "BRAD HAMMER" or "HAMMER, BRAD."

Who then is it that elected the government and for who's benefit is government obligated to act? Is it to the people or to legal entities such as corporations?

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