March 11, 2013 - No Free Speech?

No Free Speech?

I've been reading a lot of editorials lately that the Supreme Court of Canada has essentially eliminated our right to free speech. This coming out of their ruling on the William Whatcott case.

What every one (not everyone) needs to know is that the Supreme Court is a court that gets its authority by a Legislative Act. This is extremely important to know and to keep in mind because this means that any ruling coming out of that court can only be applied to a "person", not to a human-being, i.e. a man or a woman.

We use the word "person" on the street when referring to another man or woman and this fact is used to confuse us. In the legal/political system "person" has a different meaning.

The legal term "person" is used by politicians, and supported by Canada's courts, to confuse a man and woman into thinking that their statutes and court rulings apply to them. They do not and they cannot—unless you allow it by choice or by confusion.

You see, a "person" is like a lifeless decoy in a pond. It's not a real duck it's designed to look like a duck and bob on the water like a duck, but it can't quack—it's artificial. The problem lies with the real duck that lands in the pond with decoys and doesn't know the difference. Our demise is in our lack of knowledge.

A "person" is a legal entity, a decoy, created by legislature, to look and act like a man and woman. The decoy only has those rights that the legislators give it. A man and woman have rights that are God-given and only He can add to them or remove rights from us. Every governing body has are those rights we have given it and they can never have more than we can give, only less.

Only a man and woman has inalienable rights, government doesn't. A queen or king has the same God-given rights as every other woman or man.

John Doe has the same rights as every other man and woman but Judge John Doe has less rights because he is doing business as a judge whose authority to act comes from and is limited by legislature. The judge is a "person" and the legal world different "persons" have different rights and different levels of authority.

If, however, the man or woman thinks and/or accepts that they are a decoy, they begin to believe that they too have only those same limited rights that the decoys have, and they begin to live under those limits. When the legislators pull the strings that tether the decoys together those who think they are decoys will follow as though they too were tied to the decoys...

Every one who voices a concern about having lost their right to free speech by this ruling is believing that they are a decoy, a "person." William Whatcott has been tricked into believing that he is just a decoy, a "person," and not a man.

Forget the ruling! Learn not to be tricked by those gangsters on the bench if you face them. They will try to get you to admit that you are a decoy, a "person," that you broke the rules that a decoy must obey, and that you deserve the punishment that you get.

Live like a duck that can fly whenever it chooses...

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