June 24 2013 - Who is Being Charged?

Who is Being Charged?

As human-beings, i.e. a man/woman, our rights are inalienable because they are given by God to his created beings. Only some one greater than God can amend those rights.

Our great deception comes with the name that our parents created and then gave, in trust, to the government when the event of our birth was registered. The government took advantage of that event to created an entity with a similar NAME and sent us a certificate of authenticity—the Birth Certificate. We took that certificate and were allowed to assume that it represented us and so we identified ourselves by their NAME, in form such as, JOHN DAVID DOE, or DOE, JOHN DAVID or JOHN DOE or MR DOE. When spoken without qualifications, the all capital letter version is assumed.

The entity they created does not have any rights apart from those granted to it by them, it's creator—the government. 

Using that certificate, and in particular the NAME on that certificate, we applied for various other privileges such as Social Insurance Number, licences to drive, marry, hunt, fish, boat, own property, open a bank account, own a car... I think you catch the drift. All these things and activities then belong or are subject to the NAME, their NAME, not to the man/woman.

Since none of these licences, etc., are required by a man/woman, it is always the NAME that is charged with the various and sundry statutory offences and not the man/woman. 

Who then is responsible to pay for charges and fees imposed against their NAME? The Holder of title to the NAME! Since it is to the government that we must apply to get a copy of the "Statement of Birth" it is self-evident then that the government is responsible for the infractions/debts of their entity.

Why then are we paying fines and fees for an entity they created and for which they are responsible? Simply because we don't know any better and they don't want us to know. 

Time for a change! 

Clarify, to the court, at the outset that you are aware that it is the NAME that is being charged and that the government is the holder of the title to that name. Or.. don't give them their NAME when they ask who you are! "…people call me steve… just steve…" Do not respond to them when they address a MR. DOE—their NAME—since MR DOE, their legal entity doesn't have a voice.

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