June 19, 2013 - Fed up Yet?

Fed Up Yet?

I, for one, am fed up! I'm fed up with the constant barrage of nickel and dime increases in service costs or fees. 

For years, as a standard business practice, we receive invoices by mail. Now every stinking corporation wants to charge $2.00 for that "service." Of course we could opt to have the invoice sent to us by email and avoid the new fee.

That email account is my personal account. I pay for that account and they want to use it for their commercial benefit. Well screw them! I charge for that service. It just happens that my fee for them to use my service is $2.00 — subject to change without notice and at my discretion.

It they really don't want to pay my fee and are adamant about saving postage fees, well, they could just stop invoicing me….

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