January 5, 2013 - Cashless Society

As reported by Canadian Awareness Network

     "BA International, a banknote printing operation in Ottawa owned by Giesecke & Devrient in Germany, stopped printing currency (including Canadian) as of January 1 2013. You read that right! As of January first, no more Canadian currency is being printed. Source
     "Why have they stopped?”

If this is in anticipation of going cashless, it could cause many to turn to a barter system to avoid a record of every transaction and the subsequent legalized plunder, i.e. taxes.

Perhaps this move comes in preparation for the release of the Amero, the new currency to be used by the Union of North America—Canada, Mexico and the United States of America?

All mattress monies would need to be brought back into circulation for conversion to Ameros—which no doubt also contain RFID measures.

What are the ramifications to those who have not yet chosen waive the right to be recognized as a “person” before the law? (see The Solution

Invariably this will involve increased control over a “person’s” freedoms but cannot lawfully affect those freedoms every man or woman enjoys.

Take steps now to lose the person...

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