January 23, 2013 - The Fallacy of Incorporating

The Fallacy of Incorporating

It seems to me that corporations are an enemy of the rights and freedom of the people. 

We’ve been conned into believing that we need to incorporate our businesses to protect ourselves, and our private assets from liability when in fact we become slaves to that corporation through the controls that the government has over them. Government, our servant, is itself a corporation. 

Every corporation is obligated to comply with the rules laid out by its creator—the government. These rules change at the whim of government, to the extent that it directs all it’s incorporated creations as to who it can sell its products.

That which is created can never be greater than its creator. a paraphrase of principle of Law and nature. (who created government?)

Government sets up licences, which must be purchased, in order for any “person,” a government created entity, to do an activity or to buy a thing from those corporations which manufacture or market them. Basically, a licence is permission to do something which would otherwise be illegal.

Only corporations, which are created by government, can be controlled in this way. Always remember that a corporation is “person.” The Legislation Act, 2006 states this very succinctly: 

“person” includes a corporation;

According to Burton’s Legal Thesaurus, 3rd Edition, the word ‘include’ is a legal term and is synonymous with words/phrases such as:

“be composed of, be formed of, be made up of ... consist of, … contain, ... encompass, ... envelop, … incorporate, involve...”

The term “person” means “a corporation.” Government can only have authority over a man and woman when they act as an agent for, or perform a function within that government. A man or woman proves they are acting as an agent for, or performing a function within government when showing any piece of government issued ID. They are then a corporation by inclusion.

A sole proprietorship, that is a business created and operated by one man or woman and is not a “person,” and not under the same restrictions as a corporation. Nor is, strictly speaking, a corporation prevented from selling to a man or woman who is not a “person.” 

A partnership is considered a “person” since it involves more than one individual. Two or more individuals can only be one company, in commerce, by permission granted by government. 

Don’t be so quick to embrace an illusionary glamour by incorporating. Remember, you are a slave to the one you are obligated to obey...

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