January 13, 2013 - Human Rights in Canada

Human Rights in Canada

Lawyers Rights Watch Canada wrote:

"Despite the fact that Canadian laws must be interpreted consistently with treaty obligations (Chapter 3), international human rights are infrequently brought to the attention of BC judges, and knowledge of international human rights is generally poor amongst the BC judges and lawyers surveyed (Chapter 4). 

"In BC, there is, as yet, no coordinated strategy to make international human rights law known to teachers and students within the BC school system, or to police and law enforcement workers, civil servants, lawyers, judges and interested citizens (Chapter 4). The need for IHRET in Canada and BC has been identified by UN treaty monitoring bodies expressing concern about persistent violations of internationally protected rights." Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) May 2012

If access to the courts is a human right, and it is, then Alberta too has judges who are embarrassingly ignorant in matters of human rights treaty obligations:

"An exasperated Alberta judge has issued a call to arms against legal “parasites” who hijack court proceedings with nonsensical motions and bizarre spiritual and legal principles of their own making.” Globe and Mail

In Mr. Justice J.D. Rooke, of Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench words, quoted above, those “nonsensical motions and bizarre spiritual and legal principles” likely refer to things outside of his understanding and training. 

From my experience Ontario lawyers and judges, too, are in need of some educating on real human rights. All they are familiar with, and trained in, are statutes—rules not pertinent to human beings acting in their private capacity. Statutes pertain to those who are agents of, or performing a function for, those who have created these statutes. in other words, statutes are corporate rules applicable only to corporations and their employees.

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