January 1, 2013 - Common Law and Civil Law

     “The Common Law and the Civil Law have since been in constant ideological war against each other for the control of societies (governments); so it is extremely important to understand the differences between the two. Civil Law is the law of the ruler. Common Law is the law of the people. Common Law is based solidly on the immutable laws of God and Nature. Civil Law is changeable at the whim of the ruler. The former can only be preserved against the latter by constant vigilance on the part of the people. It is axiomatic that the people cannot possibly maintain this vigilance without knowledge and urrlerstanding of the law...
     “The civil law has been passed down through the centuries under many different names, just as there has been many different names attached to goverrunents functioning under its jurisdiction; but the nature of the system is always the same, just as the nature of all goverrunents operating according to its principles, rules and procedures is the same. It is a police power jurisdiction, and by definition, governments operating thereunder are dictatorships.”

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